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The Offical Website of
Susan Lynne Schwenger aka The eXchanger
aka Wassenakoshka Anang ~ Wassenakoshka Giizis (Kwe)
(which translates into English as:
Bright Shining Star ~ Bright Shining Sun (Woman)

Doctor of Metaphysics, ABD
Metaphysician, ABD
Msc.D, ABD, DMeta, ABD, MsD, ABD

Internationally known Cosmologist, Healer, Seer

International Award Winning Author - Poet
LABOURS of LOVE, Noble House, UK - 2004 
THE BEST POEMS and POETS of 2004 - 2004
Editors Choice 2003, 2002, 2001 
recognized as one of: The Top 33 Poets in The World 
~ The Sound of Poetry (2001)

Susan Lynne Schwenger is an internationally known Cosmologist, Healer & Seer

Elder - Grandmother - Sage - Seer - Spiritual Healer - Spiritual Medicine Woman
through Ceremony - Counselling - Doctoring 

Day - Record - Time - Wisdom Keeper

~who discovered The Grand Cycle of Macha & Pacha
End Date of The 16th December 2013  (16 DEC 2013)

~who discovered The Grand Cycle of Pacha iNTi
Start Date of The 17th December 2013 (17 DEC 2013)
as, The Second (2nd) Full Moon in December,
which starts The Winter Cycle, on The Six (6) Season Calendar
(6 Seasons x 60 days = 360 days)
aka The Ancient Year Calendar of (6x60=360 days)
aka The Thirteen (13) Moon Calendar (12 cycles - Full Moon to eve of day b4 full moon)
aka The Six (6) Event Calendar of The Celts, Druids, Pict - Pictish
back in 1984.

Tony Bermanseder & Susan Lynne Schwenger have successfully aligned 
& calibrated all the ancient calendars:
The Maya - Mayan Cholq'ij
aka Tzolk'in aka Tzolkin Calendar of 260 days
to The Current Civil Calendar aka The Gregorian Calendar 
through 9,360,360 days, which equals:
(5 great cycles x 13 cycles x 144,000 days=9,360,000
+ (6 cycles x 60 days=360)=9,360,000 + 360 = 9,360,360/360=26,001 Ancient Years
utilizing cosmology, mathematics, and science,
with the backup of The New Moon and The Full Moon Cycles.

Tony Bermanseder & Susan Lynne Schwenger have also aligned the following calendars:
The Maya aka The Mayan Tzolk'in aka Tzolkin Calendar of 260 Days
The Aztec Tonalpohualli Calendar of 260 Days 
The First Nations of Canada aka The Turtle Island  Calendar of 260 Days
which came from previous calendars of The Aztec, Meso-American & Olmec Tribes,
which also dovetails into the ancient calendar works of:  
The First Nation Tribes of Turtle Island, now known as Canada, 
mainly, The Cree, Ojibwa-Ojibway-Ojibwe, Algonquin, Mi'Kmaq aka MicMac, 
Chippewa aka Chipewyna, Chippewa Ojibway, Woodland Cree, Nipissing,
Odawa of Ottawa, Potawatomi,
Saulteaux, Missississagua, Tingit, Tahitan, Tagish,
Kaska, Han, Innu of Labrador, Maliseet, 
Passamaquoddy, Haudenosaunee aka Iroquois,
Cayuga, Mohawk, Onedia, Onondaga, Seneca, 
Tuscaronia, Wyandot aka Huron,
Tli Cho, Slavey, Haida, Sahtu, Yellowknifes, Dunneza, Gwich'in, 
Dene, Nakoda,
Yakama, Blackfoot~Kainai aka Blood, North Peigan & Siksika, Coast Salsih, etc.etc.etc.,

(there are just too many different tribes to mention all of them).

The Metis of Canada aka The Turtle Island Calendar of 260 Days
The Native American of USA aka The Turtle Island Calendar of 260 Days
(too many tribes to mention, since, all of them use this ancient calendar)
mainly, The Catawba, Cherokee, Chippewa-Ojibway, Ojibwa-Ojibway-Ojibwe,
Dakota, Lakota, Nakota Tribes etc.etc.etc., 

(there are just too many tribes to mention all of them).

The Cherokee Calendar of 260 Days
The Maori of New Zealand Calendar of 260 Days
The Aborigine aka The Aboriginal of Australia Calendar of 260 Days

All 260 Day calendars have cycles of 13 cycles x 20 days = 260 Days

20 days = Four (4) weeks of Five (5) days = 4x5 = 20

260 Days is The Gestation Period of a baby in its mothers womb

The Six (6) Season or The Six (6) Event Calendar of 360 days = 6 Cycles or Seasons x 60 days)
9,360,000 Days/180 Cycle = (52,000 Cycles/2=26,000 Ancient Years)

The Mayan Mucmuchumil (52 Days), aligned to 9,360,000/52=180,000 Cycles

The Mayan Tzolkin aka Tzolk"in aka Cholq'ij = 260 days

The Mayan Momtun =180 days x 2 Cycles = 360 days

9,360,360 Days/180 Cycle = 52,002 cycles/2=26,001 Ancient Years

The Mayan TUN = 360 days
9,360,000 Days/360 Cycle = 26,000 Ancient Years
9,360,360 Days/360 Cycle = 26,001 Ancient Years

- The Difference between The New Moon & The Full Moon Cycle in Days

The Mayan Mucmuchumil (52 Days)
aligned to 9,360,000/52 day cycles=180,000 cycles

The Mayan Kit Jeb (400 Days)
aligned to 9,360,000/400 day cycles=23,400 cycles 

The 360 Day Ancient Calendars of The Maori of New Zealand,
and, The 360 Day Ancient Calendars of The Aboriginal of Australia.

The Grand Cycle of Macha is 9,360,000 days
(5 major cycles x 13 minor cycles) =
 65 cycles x 144,000 days=9,360,000 days
+ The Grand Cycle of Pacha is 360 days
(6 seasons x 60 days = 360)=9,360,360 days
9,360,360/360 Days=26,001 Ancient Years
9,360,000/360 Days=26,000 Ancient Years
360/360 Days=One (1) Ancient Year

360 = 1 degree precessional advancement per day 
x 360 Days= 1 (One) Ancient Year
which is, now modified to: 
The Gregorian Calendar which consists of: 
(3 years X 365 days
)+ (1 leap year X 365) + (1 day)= 1461 days or 4 Gregorian Years

There are also yearly cycles:
The Mayan Chol Tun (260 Years),
aligned to 9,360,000/360=26000/260=100 Cycles

The Mayan Kutan (520 Years),
aligned to 9,360,000/360=26000/260=52 Cycles

The Mayan Ajau Tun (20 Years),
aligned to 9,360,000/360=26000/20=1300 Cycles

The Mayan Ekomal Jun (520 Years),

aligned to 9,360,000/360=26000/520=50 Cycles.

The Mayan Ox Lajuj Baktun (5200 Years),
aligned to 9,360,000/360=26000/5200=5 Cycles.

The Mayan Tikitun 

22 Cycles of 52 Years = (9 x 52 = 468) Darkness-Hell 
+ (13 x 52 = 676) Light-Heaven

The Mayan Bolon Tiki = 9 x 52 = 
468 Years of Darkness-Hell

The Mayan Oxala Juj Tiki = 13 x 52 = 
676 Years of Light-Heaven

(468 YEARS+676 YEARS=1144 YEARS=
( 9 Darkness/Hell x 13 Light/Heaven) = 
22 cycles x 52 YEARS) 

also Fits into The Greater Cycle of:
26,000 Ancient Years/500 cycles = 52 Years 
500 cycles x 52 Ancient years = 26,000

The HAAB (360 + 5 DAYS)
The Five "Dead" or "Unlucky" Days occur two times per year,
- the middle of the year
& 27 Dec, 28 Dec, 29 Dec, 30 Dec & 31 December


1966-Drowning, discovered the framework of 12 + 1 = 13 aspects of Self
1975-Started a business called: Spirits helping Spirits (1975)
Coined - Developed the following words & definitions:
The Physical Body (1),
The Emotional Body (2),
The Intellectual Body (3),
The Etheric Body (4),
The Low Astral Body (5),
The High Astral Body (6),
The Low Causal Body (7),
The Mid Causal Body (8),
The High Causal Body (9),
The Higher Self (10),
The Essence aka The Core (11),
The Monad (Past, Present, Future & Now (12),  (through)
The Pivot of The Now 
The 13/12 or 12/13 Aspects or 12+1= 13 Aspects of You
The Thirteen-Twelve or Twelve-Thirteen Aspects of You
The Central Vertical Channel 
The Lower Central Vertical Channel 
The Higher Central Vertical Channel 
Zero point 
- these words & word phrases were coined, developed & discovered 
by Susan Lynne Schwenger between 1975 to 1991

1984-Discovery of The End Time of The Grand Cycle of Macha & Pacha
ends 16th December 2013 (16 DEC 2013) at sunset

1984- Discovery of The Start Time of The Grand Cycle of Pacha iNTi
begins 17th December 2013 (17 DEC 2013) at sunrise
in alignment with The Second (2nd) Last Full Moon in the month of December
& The Start of The Winter Cycle on The Six (6) Season Calendar
aka The Ancient Year (360) aka The Thirteen (13) Moon Calendar

1984- The Alignment - The Calibration of The Six (6) Season Calendar
aka The Ancient Year (360 Days) aka The Thirteen (13) Moon Calendar
used by The First Nations of Turtle Island (now known as Canada),
The Metis & The Native American of Turtle Island (now known as USA),
along with The Maori of New Zealand and The Aboriginal Tribe of Australia
along with The Celtic, Druid, Gaelic, Pagan, Pict, Neo-Pagan & Wiccan practices, which proved all tribal calendars are in alignment.

1987- The +/- 111 Notes of Separation in the ancient scales

1987- The +/- 144 Notes of Separation in the 13 Aspects of You

 04 NOVEMBER 1991 - 06 APRIL 1993 - The 520 day trip

2008 to 2010
- The successful mathematical & scientific alignment & calibration
of The Relations of The Maya/Mayan Calendar (260 Days)
(and, every other calendar) to The Civil Gregorian Calendar
utilizing Cosmic Time aka Star Time
through Sidereal Time & Tropical Time
which aligns perfectly with The 'New' Moon Cycles & The 'Full" Moon Cycles
as, detailed, described, and, detailed by:
Tony Bermanseder & Susan Lynne Schwenger
 - which makes their discovery irrefutable
there is absolutely no way, to debunk, deny or disprove their calibrations.

" it is very hard to argue with 'The Grandmother Moon'
since she always shows up exactly 'on time'.''
~ Susan Lynne Schwenger

2010 - Mayan Dresden Codex Super Code Number 1366560
cracked by Tony Bermanseder - Susan Lynne Schwenger 

which mathematically proves that we live in a 12 level universe 


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International Award Winning Author of Poetry 
LABOURS of LOVE, Noble House, UK - 2004
- 2004 Editors Choice
- 2003 Editors Choice
- 2002 Editors Choice
- 2001 Editors Choice  

The Top 33 Poets in The World
~ The Sound of Poetry (2001)

Susan is a 6th Level Old King Cast Sage Soul from c1e7, Raw #343
(per: www.michaelteachings.com)

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